Electrostatic Flipcharts

We offer you an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional flipcharts: Our electrostatic foils adhere without residue to almost all surfaces without glue and can be written on particularly well on smooth surfaces such as doors and windows. A subsequent presentation on concrete or woodchip is also possible without the need for a traditional stand. Our product range includes various options such as the Folio Contact Flipchart for use with permanent markers, the Folio Contact Whiteboard for dry-erase markers, as well as the Yellowboard, Pinkboard, Blackboard and Folio Contact Clearboard. All our products are light, mobile and can be used anywhere, and are supplied in practical dispenser boxes.

Advantages at a glance

  • sustainable
  • recyclable
  • space-saving
  • electrostatically adhesive
  • can be removed without leaving residues
  • reusable
  • location-independent
  • for meetings, lectures and presentations
  • for writing and sketching


The best alternative to traditional rigid whiteboards. Multiple reusable if dry-wipe-erasable markers being used. Mobile, light everywhere.

100% opaque film replacing ordinary chalkboards. Re-writable and erasable when liquid chalk markers are used. Also suitable as a blackout window blind.

To protect your workplace against UV-A and UV-B Rays

Flip Charts

Traditional printed for correct writing or drawing. Permanent Marker will stay forever and so all chart can be displayed anywhere and at any time again.

  • Supermatte

Plain non imprinted Flipchart sheet for a better writing experience due to its paper haptic. Non reflectable for the use with permanent markers only.

The one and only top coated Folio Contact product for water-based colors and pens. Also suitable for artist drawings as aqueous or acrylic paintings on it.