Folio Contact Whiteboard

Folio Contact Whiteboard Erasable is an electrostatically-adherent film for labelling with dry-erasable whiteboard markers.

This film adheres electrostatically to almost every surface without the need for additional adhesive or other aids. Therefore, no residues remain, even after the film is removed.

As the name implies, this film represents an alternative to the conventional whiteboard. It can be used many times and is also flexible and transportable in use.

Further information can be found in the data sheet:

Folio Contact Whiteboard EN

Folio Contact Erasable Whiteboard is an environmental friendly Flip-Chart Media, made of Polypropylen. It has been developed and been produced by NOPAR International Inc. and patented under: EP 1326918 B1. FolioContact is a special produced 3-layer coex cast PP-Film. The mid Layer is able to take on ionisation and keepit for at least 5 Years, depending on the storage conditions, packed and boxed at 40-50% rel. humidity, at 18°-22°C. The 25 sheets in the size of 600mm width and 800mm length can easily be separated from the roll at the provided perforation line. Each sheet adhere to virtually any surface without any other tools, such as adhesive or pins disputes. The film is ideally suited for use with non-permanent, or dry erase whiteboard markers. When using permanent markers, it will be not possible to clean the film surface again, exept when alcohiolic cleaning solution is taken (please care about dangerous Goods Regulations). For further details please contact NO PAR International Inc.

Folio Contact Erasasable Whiteboard can be used for:
on every smooth surfaces:
including doors, windows, cupboards

Folio Contact Erassable Whiteboard is not made for printing or individual printed artworks in this case we recommend the product Folio Contact gridded. Folio Contact can be recycled, can be disposed with the yellow bag and capable for energy recovery. Safety data sheets can be requested if necessary.