Electrostatic Media

Adheres without glueing!


Work more efficiently, transport ideas more easily!

Whether for training, conferences, presentations, workshops, brainstorming or in private life, the rule applies: ‘Only ideas which are captured will stick!’ Folio Contact ensures your creativity: on doors, cabinets, walls or windows, on stone, wood, glass or wallpaper, just about anywhere. Can be labeled with all commercially available permanent markers. Even paper and Metaplan maps adhere to Folio Contact without any aids. “4 in 1”: Folio Contact brings you the benefits of a flipchart and whiteboard, Metaplan and pin board, while providing unprecedented transportability and comfort. But it can also be used as a shop window – for decoration or promotional campaigns.

Adheres without glueing!

Simply apply to the desired substrate and smooth. Finished! You can remove Folio Contact residue-free, re-attach it to another location in the room and thus create your own presentation space again and again. Even the packaging has it all: it can be easily attached to any standard flipchart stand; the perforation separates the leaves quickly, precisely and easily.

Individual layout, unlimited possibilities!