Electrostatic Media

Adheres without glueing!

Presentation and Moderation

Ideas are fleeting and it is important to capture and visualise them in order to communicate them effectively. With Folio Contact, this is now very easy. Whether at a training session, meeting or workshop, you can capture your ideas on doors, cabinets, walls or windows – on virtually any surface. You can write on it with standard permanent markers or attach paper and Metaplan cards without additional tools. With Folio Contact, you have the advantages of a flipchart, a whiteboard, a Metaplan board and a pinboard combined in one practical and mobile product. Whether you use it for your presentations, brainstorming sessions or even as window dressing or for promotional activities, your ideas will stick to Folio Contact and can be repositioned again and again.

Adheres without Sticking

Folio Contact is an innovative solution for capturing and sharing your ideas without worrying about damaging surfaces. The product sticks to virtually any surface without sticking. Simply smooth it out and get started! If you want to change your presentation surfaces, you can simply peel off Folio Contact and apply it elsewhere without leaving any residue. The packaging is also particularly practical as it can be easily attached to a flipchart stand and the sheets can be separated quickly and easily by perforation.

Individual design,
unlimited possibilities!