Folio Contact Flipchart

Folio Contact Flipchart is the perfect solution for creative minds who want to capture and present ideas regardless of time and place. With our electrostatic foil, you can make your flipchart ideas stick to almost any smooth surface without having to resort to additional adhesives or magnets.

After use, the foil can be removed without leaving any residue and reattached to another place in the room. Flexible use saves you valuable time and resources by allowing you to hold spontaneous meetings and presentations easily in any location.

Our flipchart alternatives are available in various sizes and designs to meet your individual requirements. Printing your company logo or slogan on the slide is also possible.

Learn more about the technical details and possibilities in our data sheet.

Folio Contact Flipchart EN 2024


Folio Contact Gridded is an environmental friendly Flip-Chart Media, made of Polypropylen. It has been developed and been produced by NOPAR International GmbH and patented under: EP 1326918 B1. FolioContact is a special produced 3-layer coex cast PP-Film. The mid Layer is able to take on ionisation and keepit for at least 5 Years, depending on the storage conditions, packed and boxed at40-50% rel. humidity, at 18°-22°C. The 25 sheets in the size of 600mm width and 800mm length can easily be separated from the roll at the provided perforation line. Each sheet adhere to virtually any surface without any other tools, such as adhesive or pins disputes. The film is ideally suited for use with permanent markers. When using dry-erase whiteboard markers, it will be not possible to clean the film surface again. Due to the printed surface treatment it will leave ghost writing to the surface alternative for 100% erasability, we recommend the product Folio Contact Erasable. For further details please contact NOPAR International Inc.

Versatile application possibilities
of the Folio Contact Flipchart

The Folio Contact Flipchart is a modern and flexible alternative to the traditional flipchart. It offers numerous application possibilities and is extremely versatile due to its adhesion to any closed surface.

Areas of application for the Folio Contact flipchart:

  1. flipchart replacement: Use the Folio Contact Flipchart as a replacement for a conventional flipchart. This saves space and allows you to create your presentations and notes directly on the material.
  1. adheres to any closed surface: the Folio Contact Flipchart adheres to various surfaces such as windows, doors and cabinets. This allows you to make the most of the space available and to be flexible with your presentations.

Individual printing

For larger quantities, you can have the Folio Contact flipchart printed individually, for example with your company logo or in up to eight colours. The minimum order for custom printing is approximately 240 rolls.

For more information about custom printing on the Folio Contact flipchart, please contact NOPAR International GmbH directly. Folio Contact is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The used sheets can simply be disposed of in the yellow bag.