Folio Contact Simply Notes

The new generation of sticky notes!

Experience the latest generation of sticky notes with Simply Notes 1.0! These innovative sticky notes stick to any surface and stay there for a long time. You can use Simply Notes 1.0 over and over again by using dry-erase board markers. If you use permanent markers, the written information is retained. Each sheet can be easily rubbed with a microfibre cloth to recharge it. Simply Notes 1.0 are available in five colours (pink, green, white, yellow and blue) and two sizes (10×10 cm and 10×20 cm) with 100 sheets each. There is also the practical clear box with 500 sheets in the 10x20cm size.

For more information, see the data sheet

Simply Notes 2.0

Experience the next generation of sticky notes from Folio Contact with Simply Notes 2.0! Take your notes on these revolutionary sticky notes and attach them effortlessly to any surface – no glue, pins or magnets required! The electrostatic charge ensures that each sheet sticks for a long time without leaving any residue on sensitive surfaces. The colour-printed front can be written on with permanent markers or ballpoint pens, while the white back can be written on with whiteboard markers and reused up to ten times. In addition, pencils with soft leads are perfect for writing on Simply Notes 2.0. Discover the versatile possibilities of Simply Notes 2.0 and take your notes to a new level!

Further information can be found in the data sheet:

Folio Contact Simply Notes 1.0 EN 2024

Further information can be found in the data sheet:

Folio Contact Simply Notes 2.0 EN 2024

Folio Contact Simply Notes is an environmental friendly Flip-Chart Media, made of Polypropylen. It has been developed and been produced by NOPAR International Inc. and patented under: EP 1326918 B1. FolioContact Simply Notes is a special produced 3-layer coex cast PP-Film. The mid Layer is able to take on ionisation and keepit for at least 5 Years, depending on the storage conditions, packed and boxed at 40-50% rel. humidity, at 18°-22°C. The sheets are available in the sizes of 10x10cm and 10x20cm, with 5 different colours: pink, green, white, yellow and blue. Every package contains 100 sheets. Each sheet adhere to virtually any surface without any other tools, such as adhesive or pins disputes. The film is ideally suited for use with non-permanent, or dry erase whiteboard markers. When using permanent markers, it will be not possible to clean the film surface again, exept when alcoholic cleaning solution is taken (please care about dangerous Goods Regulations). For further details please contact NOPAR NOPAR International Inc.

FolioContact Simply Notes can be used for:
sticky notes
on every smooth surfaces:
including doors, windows, cupboards

Folio Contact Simply Notes is not made for printing or individual printed artworks. Folio Contact Simply Notes can be recycled, be disposed with the yellow bag and capable for energy recovery. Safety data sheets can be requested if necessary.

Simply Notes 2.0 is the second generation of sticky notes by Folio Contact. Do your notices on Simply Notes 2.0 and stick them on any smooth surface you want. The notes will stick for a long time, without any glue, pins, magnets or tape. Every sheet will stick to the surface, because of its electrostatic charge. Simply Notes 2.0 are not coated and will not leave any residues on sensitive surfaces. The coloured front is writable with permanent-marker and ball pens. Permanent- and whiteboard-marker can be used on the white back side. Notices with whiteboard can wiped off and the notes are reusable up to ten times. It is also possible to write with a soft pencil lead on it.

Technical Data:
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Colours: Yellow / White
Writeable: With dry wipeable whiteboard-marker and ball pens. Permanent-marker are not wipeable.
Thickness: 50μm
Size: 100 x 200 mm

Amount: 100 sheets per package
Usage: At least 10 x per sheet reusable
Recycling: Yes
Dumping: Yellow bag
Contents: 100% PP