Folio Contact Whiteboard

Folio Contact Whiteboard Erasable is an electrostatically adhesive film that is ideal for writing on with dry-erase whiteboard markers.

Thanks to the electrostatic adhesion, the film sticks to almost all surfaces without the need for additional adhesive or other aids. This means that there is no residue when the film is removed.

As the name suggests, this film offers a practical alternative to the conventional whiteboard. It can be used several times and is both flexible and mobile.

You can find more information in the corresponding data sheet.

Folio Contact Whiteboard EN 2024


The Folio Contact Erasable Whiteboard is an environmentally friendly polypropylene film, developed and manufactured by NOPAR International GmbH, and patented as a European patent under EP 1326918 B1. The film consists of a specially manufactured 3-layer co-extruded cast PP film that can absorb and store electrostatic charges thanks to a polymer incorporated in the middle layer.

Under optimal storage conditions (40-50% relative humidity / 18°C-22°C), the storage time of the electrostatic charges is at least three years, rolled up and packed on the roll. The 25 sheets with a size of 600 mm width and 800 mm length can be easily and safely separated from the roll at the provided perforation and adhere to almost all surfaces without additional aids such as adhesive strips or pins.

The film is ideal for use with dry-erase whiteboard markers. When using permanent markers with solvent-based ink, it is not possible to remove the writing.


  • Folio Contact Erasable Whiteboard is suitable for:
  • Flipchart replacement
  • sticks to any closed surface
  • windows
  • doors
  • Cabinets


Folio Contact Erasable Whiteboard is not suitable for printing. For this we recommend Folio Contact Flipchart.

Folio Contact can be recycled, can be disposed of in the yellow bag and may also be used for energy recovery. Safety and harmlessness data sheets are available on request.