Folio Contact Hybrid

Folio Contact Hybrid is an electrostatic film that adheres to all smooth surfaces without any aids, and guarantees that no residues are left after removal. Due to the innovative coating, it is possible to paint this film with watercolours and water-soluble paints. This product is therefore perfect for all who want to work artistically, for both children and adults.

Further information can be found in the data sheet:

Folio Contact Hybrid White EN 2024

Folio Contact Hybrid Transparent EN 2024


Folio Contact Hybrid is a pure PP- based Plastic Film with a Top-Coating to fix all type of colours on it, especially also waterbased colours. The total Ghauge is 52 micron. Folio Contact Hybrid has exactly the same raw material contentsandis environentalfriendly, food-aprooved and non toxic for children´s use. Due to the innovative Top-Coat this meia is suitable for allkind of Chalk-Markers, Liquid-Chalk-Markers, Aqua-Marker and pens, Graphis based Pencils. Due to the Top-Coat the surface is no rerasable any more afterdrawing, writing or painting.


Folio Contact Hybrid is suitable for:

  • Artists
  • Hobbyists
  • Children


Folio Contact Hybrid is not suitable for printing. Folio Contact can be recycled, can be disposed of in the yellow bag and may also be used for energy recovery. Safety and harmlessness data sheets are available on request.

Technical Data

Raw-Material: PP-COEX-CAST 3-layer PP-Film
Colour: Folm-Colourtransparent / translucent, alternative white
Top-Coat: milky / white (transparent in contact area)
Thickness : 52my
Operating Temp: optimalat 10° – 45°
Opacity: < 30%
Printing: in cas, possible with Flexoprint
Sheet: 600mm w idth 800mm length, alt.
600mm width 400mm length, or specialformats on Request

Sheets per Roll : 10
Packaging: individual as per request
Storage duration : 5 years (dry)